In the Shadow of Gods


The sun breaks out across the even plain as the two forces behold one another. Their coloured banners ripple in the wind. Their battle horns sound out across the lines. All around, helms are donned, spears sharpened and blades readied. The untested young king of the marble city stands tense on his mount. His eyes fixed on the enemy and the great city behind them. This is his moment; he will carve it in blood.

Meanwhile far away a seer tosses in her sleep, her mind filled with images that are to numerous to count. She begs for the sweet release of waking but is trapped in the darkness. She knows now; this is their moment. They will destroy everything.

Hi, I’m Badger a writer, ancient historian and dungeon master with a huge amount of experience in worldbuilding and roleplaying. I am completely inclusive to LGBTQ+ and everyone is welcome at my table no matter your background. I endeavor to have each player feel welcomed and included, whatever path they choose. If you are looking for an engaging and fulfilling story in an incredible homebrew setting then I am the DM for you.

Roleplaying games are all about the journey and it is something I put at the forefront of my campaigns. I put huge effort into making an engaging and immersive world where you connect with a truly adaptive story. I put all my passion and hard work into creating the best possible experience for my players. I want you to have a story that makes you laugh, cry, and everything in between. So that by the end you will have a journey to remember long after the dice get put away.


This World

Combining mythologies and cultures from across the world into one unique and dynamic world. Here the gods are real, present and deeply flawed. They seek to meddle in the affairs of mankind and revel in their tragedy and triumph. Will you bend to their will as you navigate the myriad of factions and patrons that seek your aid or will you turn on them and carve your own path through fate. Every choice of yours matters and will have huge effect on the world around you either saving or destroying everything you encounter.

This Campaign

In this campaign one of the great queens of Mythria has died leaving her son to take the throne. He marches east, towards the distant desert kingdom in the sand. His eager mind unaware of the horrors that await him in that desert. For whatever reason your character finds themselves present at that battle; be it as a fighter, healer, witness, diplomat, entertainer or simply as an unlucky soul passing through. What happens next will define who you are.

The Game

The game will incorporate many homebrew rules such as scars, glory (renown), favour, panic and lingering effects from death denied. Everything you do matters and shapes not only your character but the world around you as well. There is also has a great deal of importance in the diversity of culture and religions. Every part of this world is hugely developed and unique with different beliefs, attitudes, food, entertainment, political structure and much much more.

My Table

I pride myself in making every player feel welcome at my table. This is a game designed for everyone and absolutely everyone should feel at home to be their best self. My games are heavily roleplay-focused and driven but I take the time to include and encourage those who might be a bit new to RP. My combat is challenging and dynamic, with realistic acting enemies who will trap you, trick you, adapt to you or run when things turn against them.

Why Play This Campaign?

All games come with a free character lore incorporation session and sheet building help if needed. This game is friendly to all players, including (LGBTQ+). If you are interested please read the code of conduct and message me which date suits you best.

An adaptive and immersive world

the world will shift and change with your actions as you move through it and your legend grows. You may become a glorious hero or a well-renowned trickster or even a fear-inspiring madman the choice is up to you.

Interesting homebrew mechanics

Things like glory and godly relations make this game unique in a number of ways. Bargain with the gods for better gifts or suffer the long journey of recovering from a terrible wound. Nothing is without consequence.

Fun and engaging RP

 All NPCs are thoroughly fleshed out and realistic characters with their own wants, beliefs, and feelings. They will react and develop around you dependant on their own wants and desires.

Developed Factions and Cultures

There are over 9 major cultures in this world, each one with many intertwining minor factions within. For example, the Mysthric city-states are actually composed of 10 minor cities each with their own culture attitudes and way of life. From the wild Indonesian style pirate dwarves of the Dunn Isles to the distant Isles of Misty Culunoc there is a huge world at your feet. If you want to learn more about the factions check out the faction tab.

Not Just a Mythology Reskin

Many mythological settings simply recreate the mythology with different names. That is not the case here. each culture is inspired by a particular mythology and culture but great lengths have been taken to make this an original and unique setting.

No Two Stories The Same

I do not run any modules and all my stories are completely unique and in the hands of my players. When you join a session with me you can be sure you are entering a narrative never before experienced by any other.

Fromer Players

DND is nothing without a compelling storyteller and Matt is a master storyteller. Once a week, I get to lose myself completely in his immersive and intricately detailed world. I laugh, I cry, I laugh till I cry… It’s the best!


Brie, Acolyte of Lucien, The Wolf-Hound Brigade

Badger creates incredibly complex and dynamic worlds filled with fascinating characters. He’s a skilled voice actor and amazing storyteller. He’s also incredibly inclusive as a DM – as a queer female D&D player it was wonderful to encounter non stereotypical representation of female characters and LGBTQ+ characters in the game. I would strongly recommend Badger as a DM to any player.


Without having enough words on this review to do it justice, I must state that playing in Matt’s game is beyond a unique experience. From the day I first sat at his table, I’ve felt taken into account and pampered with an original and mysterious world to interact with. The immersion and excitement I’ve experienced session after session combined with the kindness and companion nature of Matt, always leave me craving for the next one.


Lealand, Archfey Warlock, The Wolf-hound Brigade

Badger is a fantastic DM. During one of the more difficult times in my life. I spent every weekend roleplaying in his game. It was something I could truly look forward to every week. He created a world where my actions had effects and consequences. NPC’s had life and conscious, mysteries were abound and discoverable, RP was astounding, combat was fluid and engaging, and every player had a chance to shine.



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