Code Of Conduct.

  1. There is no prejudice or bigotry allowed at the table. Everyone is welcome and has the right to a good time, leave your politics at home.
  2. The DMs ruling is always final, should you disagree with a ruling there is plenty of time out of game to discuss it with me but I have ZERO tolerance for arguing rules in-game.
  3. Remember you are part of a party! Any antisocial behaviour such as speaking over or interrupting other players will not be allowed. This also includes toxic character actions such as stealing from other players or attempting player on player combat without clear consent from both sides. If this behavior continues you will be asked to leave the game.
  4. Sexual themes are possible in dnd and they will be allowed only if all players present are comfortable. Should anyone feel that a line has been crossed then all sexual themes will be removed.
  5. I never try to kill PC characters but be aware that due to the nature of DnD dice can literally roll against you. Should your character die I am deeply sorry, but it is part of the game. we will work on creating you a new one together. I will not retcon or go back on any story points to bring a character back to life.
  6. Metagaming will not be allowed. It is down to the DM’s discretion what counts as meta gaming. Should you be caught meta gaming you will be warned two times, on a third warning you will be asked to leave the game. I should also mention that due to almost all my worlds being homebrew a lot of your previous dnd lore will be redundant.
  7. Sometimes people clash and aren’t great together. Should you feel out of place in your campaign party let me know after game and we will chat and discuss the issue and see if we can resolve it.
  8. Remember I am here to help. Should any issues arise, with either my DMing or other players, I expect them to be brought to me so they can be resolved early. I want the best game for everyone, and I always strive to adapt and change my games for the best outcome.
  9. I will try to respond to out of game messages as soon as possible but be aware that as I am running several other games, I may take a little while.
  10. I have tried to get everything I can into this but it is not a definitive list at all. New rules can change all the time so be aware. All else considered remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure ahead!!